cemento beach and reef

Special Events and Festivals in Aurora | Travel to the ... The province boasts of internationally recognized surf sites such as Sabang Beach (beach break), Cemento Beach (reef break), and Charlie's Point (river mouth break). The best waves in these areas come around October to March. Surfing Turf in Quezon | Driftwood Journeys Sabang beach is the spot for beginners since the waves or in surfing lingo, "swell" is just about right, not too wild and not too tame. But for the advanced surfers, they go for the Cemento's Cobra Reef for the wild and ultimate ride. cemento reef - antiekenbrocante Cemento Beach & Reef is located in Baler in Aurora Province.White sand, seashells, and crushed corals carpet the stretch of Cemento Beach. From October to February, waves tower up to 14 feet high, making for excellent and challenging surfing, as experts from Europe, Japan and Australia can attest.    Leer Más Leer Más